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Growing up in Olathe, Kansas, CJ Callaghan was a multi-sport athlete, competing in football, basketball, swimming and track and field. He went on to play multiple sports at Shawnee Mission West High School, including football as the starting quarterback. His father, Tim Callaghan, was head coach. In week 3 of his senior season vs. Olathe North, late in the 3rd quarter, CJ was scrambling out of the pocket. "My foot had been sore after practice during that week," Callaghan says, "but when I planted my foot and got tackled, it felt like someone hit my foot."

Ready on the sidelines was Joe Luzenski, certified athletic trainer at Shawnee Mission West. Luzenski works for The University of Kansas Health System, the sports medicine and athletic training provider of Shawnee Mission School District. The health system provides athletic trainers for the district’s high schools and middle schools.

Luzenski assessed CJ's foot.

"There’s a tendon that attaches to the end of the bone right where CJ was indicating his pain," Luzenski says. "He was point tender on that spot on the side of his foot. I was worried he may have twisted his foot or ankle while stepping awkwardly and detached the peroneal tendon from the base of that bone."

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