Liberty hangs on against Lee's Summit North

By Toriano Porter Special to the Lee's Summit Journal
Posted: September 23, 2011 - 10:51 PM

There is two sides to every story.

And in between therein lies the truth.

Either a misinterpretation by game officials – or the Lee’s Summit North coaching staff – of an intentional grounding rule proved costly as visiting Liberty used an unsportsmanlike penalty on the Broncos’ bench with 9.7 seconds left to kick a game-winning 33 yard field goal to escape with a 24-21 Suburban Big Six Conference win on Friday night.

The winning kick by the Blue Jays’ Tyler Pate was originally slated from 46 yards out, but was moved up after a member of the Broncos’ coaching staff voiced his displeasure of a non-call as the Blue Jays attempted to stop the clock by spiking the ball.

At question was Blue Jays’ quarterback Lucas Norton and whether he legally spiked the ball from the shotgun position after driving Liberty to the Broncos’ 29-yard line with 14 seconds on the clock and the score knotted at 21-21.

“It was intentional grounding,” Broncos head coach Ty Kohl said, NFHS rule book firmly in hand. “A pass intentionally thrown to save loss of yardage or converse time – which they did – it’s intentional grounding.

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