FCA Clinic a big success with coaches

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By Ryan J. Krzykowski submitted to PrepsKC
Posted: March 13, 2011 - 11:44 AM

There’s no doubt that schemes and techniques give some teams a tactical advantage, therefore every football coach must work to be as knowledgeable as possible. At the same time, the difference between very good teams and great teams is most often intangible in nature.


The 2011 Metro KC FCA Fred Merrell Football Coaches Clinic, held on March 5, was designed to assist football coaches at all levels who desire to be highly proficient football technicians while maximizing their opportunity to positively impact lives.


Named after Coach Fred Merrell, a 46-year veteran of high school football sidelines, and in its 10th year of existence, this year’s clinic was well attended and well received. Former college football coach and current University of Central Florida professor Dr. Jeff Duke served as the featured presenter.


Dr. Duke’s message was built upon the idea of understanding the emotions of your athletes and learning how to tap into those emotions in order to maximize athletic performance. In the words of one coach, “Jeff Duke brought magnificent insight, knowledge and experience to the event.”


Six other Metro KC area coaches presented, and did a tremendous job of sharing some of the ideas and strategies that have helped make their teams successful through the years. Fred Bouchard (Staley HS), Sam Knopik (Pembroke Hill), Steve Schottel (KC Central), Brad Scott (Baldwin HS), Chip Sherman (Shawnee Mission East), and Mike Thomas (St. Thomas Aquinas) covered offensive and defensive schemes, kicking game, game planning and preparation and more, and every presentation demonstrated each of the coaches’ commitment to developing top notch young men in addition to outstanding players.


Vendors such as Nill Brothers, Jerry’s Sport Shop, Riddell, Image Maker and Advocare helped make the day a wonderful success. One coach commented, “Outstanding clinic. This clinic got to the ‘heart’ of coaching more so than any other I’ve attended in 20 plus years of coaching.” Another had this to say: “You all did a great job organizing this clinic. For those who missed it – what a shame.”