InSite tool used for safety

By Submitted to PrepsKC
Posted: January 17, 2019 - 10:27 AM

This past season five high schools received Riddell’s InSite technology, through a partnership between Riddell, PrepsKC, and the McCarthy Auto Group. This partnership is in its fifth season and has helped bring InSite technology to 28 high schools in the Kansas City area. Louisburg, DeSoto, Olathe West, Park Hill, and Park Hill South all saw benefits from implementing InSite technology this past season.

InSite Training Tool, or ITT, is football’s leading head impact monitoring system. ITT collects and analyzes on-field head impacts, while also alerting sideline staff to an atypical impact event. ITT includes an easy-to- use web-based platform that utilizes team impact data to build individualized impact profiles. ITT also includes an advanced practice planning tool and provides a data-driven approach to managing athletes by identifying training opportunities based on head impact data.

Coaches using the tool this year received six InSite conversion kits to use in their program. After using the tool all season, coaches were pleased with the benefits.

Familiar feedback shared from staff was that InSite Training Tool helped them improve players blocking and tackling technique through the training opportunity feature along with giving them peace of mind knowing they will be notified if their players sustain a significant impact.

Concluding the season, coaches were encouraged with the future of their programs using this technology and look forward to seeing the evolution of smart helmet technology continue.