Olathe South explodes in win over BV West

By Sean Kosednar PrepsKC Staff Writer
Posted: October 27, 2018 - 12:15 AM

Olathe South and Blue Valley West were locked in a close game almost halfway through the third quarter Friday Oct. 26. Then in the span of 43 seconds a four-point lead grew to 17; which grew to 24 by the end of the quarter. The Falcons ended the game 54-41.

“This win means a lot,” senior defensive back Jai Haynes said. “We have been in a lot of battles lately. A lot of wins we could have had. We came in knowing they were a good team. We fought our hearts out. I couldn’t be more-proud.”

Things got off to a rough start for both sides. Each offense through an interception on their first possession. After giving up a field goal, Olathe South got the ball back on their own 20 yard-line. Sophomore quarterback Reed Smith faked the jet sweet and ran around the left edge. No one touched him until he got into the end zone. With that the Falcons offense took flight.

“All week we have been talking about the offense,” wide receiver AJ Shields said. “We were missing a lot of defensive players, it was on the offense tonight. Usually it is on the defense. It just clicked, and it will be like this for the rest of the playoffs.”

After halftime South looked like a different team.

“They made some adjustments right before half and we saw them,” Olathe South head coach Craig Lewis said. “They gave us a cover three look that we do really well against and boom, boom, boom we scored two really fast.”

The Falcons had an 80-yard drive to open the second half. It was finished off by the first of Andrew Nehrbass’ three touchdowns on the day. This one came on a 24-yard run on fourth down.

Blue Valley West would fumble on their first play of the second half. Three plays later Nehbass was scoring again.

“We challenged the O-line tonight,” Lewis said. “We told them ‘there is 1,200 lbs, of meat up front and you got to move the ball. You got to block these guys and give us room. We blocked great, and our kids ran hard tonight. We had space and they made the most of it.”

Giving up 41 points doesn’t sound like a great defensive performance, but the Falcons came up with timely stops when they needed to. They forced two turnovers, and never let the Jaguars feel like they were in the game.

“We have seven starters out right now,” Haynes said. “We came into this game knowing it was going to be tough. We knew we had to come out and do the right thing and play hard. We practice all week to play hard.”

Next up for Olathe South is a rematch against Olathe North.

“They got us the first time,” Haynes said. “I think this will be a good battle. It’s an Olathe rivalry, and we are ready. We are ready.”