Blue Valley handles rival Blue Valley West

By Sean Kosednar PrepsKC Staff Writer
Posted: October 20, 2018 - 12:18 AM

There has never been a more uneventful football game that had 56 points and six turnovers. The Blue Valley Tigers defeated the Jaguars of Blue Valley West 42-14 on Friday, Oct. 19.

The Tigers went into halftime with a 7-6 lead. Neither team played well in the first half. Things started well for West as it drove right down the field on their opening possession. Jaguar quarterback Greg Riddle found Matt Cairns wide open down the middle for a 21-yard touchdown.

“We made some mental and alignment errors on that first drive and we knew it,” Blue Valley head coach Allen Terrell said. “We didn’t freak out. We have been in worse situations this season. Our kids handled it well and handled the adversity.”

A pair of fumbles by West gave the Tigers the ball in the red zone during the second quarter. BV was only able to turn those into seven points. West’s defense held strong and forced a missed field goal.

After halftime it was a different story. Based on how much better the Tigers played in the second half you would have thought that Terrell gave a paint-peeling halftime speech. That wasn’t the case.

“We were nothing but positive with the kids tonight,” Terrell said. “We have had so much adversity in the season and the kids needed some positivity. We let them bring it tonight, and our seniors stepped up and led us.”

One of those seniors was Alex Totta. The running back and linebacker led the way on both sides of the ball. Totta had two touchdowns and multiple plays on defense including a near interception.

“As a defense we always want to put our offense in a good position,” Totta said. “Forcing turnovers is a big part of that.”

Blue Valley coaches and players agreed the second half explosion came down to effort.

“The first half we weren’t focusing enough,” Totta said, “we were hurting ourselves out there. We regrouped at halftime, and made those plays happen in the second half. We just played harder than them.”

With eight minutes left in the game and the Tigers up two touchdowns Walker Kinney ended the game.

“It was a speed option to the right,” Kinney said. “They all flowed to the right and I cut back. Made a little move and got up the sideline. Used my speed and got to the end zone.”

It was a 52-yard run that included multiple broken tackles. It put the Tigers up 21 and crushed any hope the Jags had of coming back.

“Walker is as good a quarterback as we have had around here,” Terrell said, “but I will say more for him as a person than I will as a quarterback. He is amazing, he is a leader. We can trust him. He is a respected kid on this team. He will do great things in life.”