Blue Springs tops Lee's Summit in final seconds

By Michael Smith The Examiner
Posted: September 14, 2018 - 11:53 PM

Blue Springs head football coach Kelly Donohoe was livid.

The 19-year veteran coach was upset at sophomore running back Patso Tapusoa for being late to a meeting the day of a Friday night game against Lee’s Summit.

“I had a very loud, angry conversation with him in front of the team,” Donohoe said.

However, Donohoe didn’t know the circumstances of why Tapusoa was late at the time. The sophomore, who just moved to Blue Springs this summer, didn’t have the phone number of any of the coaches to let them know what was going on.

He was visiting his sister Jalen, who was sick in the hospital. Donohoe later apologized to his young running back when he found out.

Later that evening, after Blue Springs’ non-conference game against the Tigers, Donohoe made sure to give an audible speech about Tapusoa in front of the entire team. Only this time it was a much more positive one than the last.

That’s because Tapusoa was a hero.

The Wildcats (2-2) had the ball at the Tigers 33 with 4.3 seconds left in the game while down 23-21. Quarterback Koby Mansfield had only thrown 12 passes prior to the play and he needed to have his best one yet in this moment. He heaved one to the left side of the end zone.

Tapusoa had three Lee’s Summit defenders around him and somehow leaped up and caught the game-winning reception behind a cornerback who nearly got his hands on the ball as the clock expired for a 27-23 non-conference road victory.

The Blue Springs crowd went into a frenzy as Tapusoa lifted the ball in the air in celebration as he ran toward his teammates. He then listed up his hand and extended his index finger, representing the No. 1, his jersey number. Mansfield then tackled Tapusoa to the ground as several other players dogpiled on top of the Wildcat hero.

“It felt great. I worked hard this whole week,” said Tapusoa, who didn’t start the last two weeks. “It was all my team. It wasn’t me. Koby is an unbelievable quarterback. I love him.”

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