Calling all sports medicine professionals 6/20

By Sports Medicine and Performance Center Staff
Posted: June 21, 2018 - 7:04 AM

The Sports Medicine and Performance Center at the University of Kansas Health System is holding a conference on Current Treatment in Contact Sports Injuries Saturday July 14 at the Health Education Building at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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This symposium, featuring the team physicians for the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs as well as the orthopedic staff of The University of Kansas Health System, includes lectures and discussions on the latest advances in sports medicine diagnostics, surgery, rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques. Attendees will gain exposure to the latest in medical care for the competitive and recreational athlete. Featured topics will include hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and concussion injuries.

Target audience
This symposium targets athletic trainers, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the care, treatment and prevention of athletic injuries.

At the end of the conference, participants should be able to:

Session 1: Lower Extremity Injuries

  • Identify implications of meniscus tears and management options.
  • Understand the presentation and treatment of chondral injuries of the knee and current treatment options.
  • Understand the injury to the posterior cruciate ligament and how they are managed surgically and non-surgically.
  • Understand the current literature on return to sport functional testing.

Session 2: Upper Extremity Injuries

  • Understand the acute presentation of ulnar collateral ligament injuries to the elbow and treatment strategies.
  • Understand thumb injuries specific to sports participation and treatment options.
  • Identify innovative rehabilitation techniques related to ulnar collateral ligament injuries and throwing programs.
  • Understand the presentation of a high ankle sprain and the treatment of associated syndesmotic instability.

Session 3: The Female Athlete

  • Understand the presentation of a concussion in the female athlete.
  • Identify hip injuries in the female athlete.
  • Understand the definition of relative energy deficiency syndrome and how to treat it.
  • Understand specific nutritional concerns in the female athlete.

Session 4: Performance Enhancement

  • Understand current uses of blood flow restriction therapy in a professional training room.
  • Understand the benefits of the use of dry needling in the non-surgical and post-surgical setting.
  • Understand the current literature and evidence-based usage of stem cells and orthobiologics in sports medicine.
  • Gain understanding using science to facilitate sports performance.

Presenters will be:

Jacob Brubacher, MD
Vincent Key, MD
Scott Mullen, MD
Jeffrey Randall, MD
Paul Schroeppel, MD
David Smith, MD
Kim Templeton, MD
Bryan Vopat, MD
Lisa Vopat, MD



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