Through the Uprights: Mike Lavieri 9/21

Mike Lavieri

By Mike Lavieri PrepsKC columnist
Posted: September 21, 2017 - 9:36 AM

Bishop Miege’s Carter Putz may go down as the greatest high school quarterback in Kansas history and he’s not even going to play at the collegiate level.

Putz will be playing baseball at Notre Dame, and college football coaches know he’s not changing his mind – for good reason – as Putz is a darn good baseball player.

What makes Putz special isn’t his 93-career touchdown passes (and counting) or the career passing yard record he’ll most likely capture later in the season.

It helps Putz has been surrounded by some of the best talent, but he recognizes that. He knows he wouldn’t have all the accolades without the protection of his offensive line or the hands, speed and route running ability of his receivers.

But Putz still has to deliver the ball with accuracy – and he’s done so at a career clip of 70 percent.

What makes Putz standout is the way he carries himself.

He’s a senior in high school and is as collected as a senior in college.

He thrives under pressure and embraces the challenge. He admitted that “93” was in the back of his mind on Friday night, but he never forced the issue. He took what St. Thomas Aquinas gave him and that’s why he ran for two scores.

After Aquinas punted on its first possession of the second half, the Stags were pinned at their two-yard line with nothing but green in front of them, but it also meant danger at their backs.

Any mistake in that part of the field could mean a safety, or worse, a turnover that leads to six points for the opposition.

It didn’t phase Putz and because it didn’t phase him, it shouldn’t have phased his teammates.

His 93rd touchdown came in style – a 98-yard touchdown pass to Daniel Jackson – which was also the longest of his career.

Putz is calm, cool and collected with his back against the wall. He makes the big plays and moments look so easy.

It might be outlandish to make this comparison, but Putz is the high school equivalent of Tom Brady.

He has the accolades, he has the rings and he does it all at a high level against the best competition.

That’s what makes Carter Putz the G.O.A.T.