Excelsior Springs tops Pleasant Hill

By Scott Kendall PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: October 15, 2016 - 1:29 AM

Pleasant Hill won the toss and deferred to the 2nd half. Excelsior Springs started with the ball, but went a quick three-and-out to start the game off. Pleasant Hill jumped on the board first with a 9-play, 61-yard drive, capped off by a 25-yard pass catch from Dalton Bach to Cole Ederer. With 6:40 left in the first quarter, Excelsior Springs was down 6-0.

Excelsior Springs would march right back with a 5-play, 46-yard drive; which was set up by the 38-yard kickoff return by Landon Seely. Jackson Creason crossed the goal line with a 2-yard run. Peyton Soria kicked the extra-point and Excelsior Springs took the 1-point lead, 7-6.

On Pleasant Hills 2nd drive of the game, looked as if they would score again, but Excelsior Springs held their ground and forced the Pleasant Hill to settle for a 20-yard Field Goal by Zach Gray. But, with the field goal, Pleasant Hill took the lead back from Excelsior Springs 9-7.

Excelsior Springs would give the ball back to Pleasant Hill on their 2nd three-and-out of the game. Pleasant Hill would turn the ball over on three consecutive possessions. All the interceptions were thrown by Dalton Bach. The first one picked off by Dakota Rimmer, second by Landon Seely and third by Marco Martin.

After the 2nd INT by Landon Seely, Excelsior Springs put together a 5-yard play, 42-yard drive that was finished off by the 24-yard scamper by Marco Martin. Then on the third INT by Marco Martin, Excelsior Springs had a huge drive that lasted almost 6-minutes. The Tigers had an 11-play, 45-yard drive with Laondon Seely running in the TD from 2-yards out. Half Time, Tigers were up 22-9 over the Roosters.

Pleasant Hill would start off with the ball in the second half and needed to get things going in their direction if they wanted to get back in the game. Get back in the game, they did. 11-plays, 70-yards, finished off by Dalton Bach's 6-yard TD run; extra-point by Zach Gray and the Roosters were down only by 6-points, 22-16.

Excelsior Springs would counter with a 62-yard drive and the 51-yard hook up between Peyton Soria & Landon Seely. This was Seely's 2nd score of the game. With a 30-16 lead, the Tigers would look to close this game out.

Pleasant Hill tried to stay up with Exceslior Springs but just couldn't get much started and were forced to punt back to Excelsior Springs. Despite the turnover by Peyton Soria, Excelsior Springs ran 23-plays, 22-run plays. Dakota Rimmer would run in a 4-yard TD and with the extra-point by Soria, the Tigers would take a commanding 36-16 lead.

Pleasant Hill had no problem moving the ball against Excelsior Springs. Pleasant Hill finished with 344-yards of offense. Dalton Bach through for 144-yards, TD and carried the balled 21-times for 150-yards for an average of 7.1 yards/carry. Cole Edered had 5-catches on 7-targets for 87-yards & 1-TD. Casey Gifford led the team with 8.5 tackles. Cody Faust had 85-return yards & 8-tackles.

Excelsior Springs had over 300-yards of offense. Peyton Soria went 3-for-5 for 79-passing yards, 1-TD; he also carried the ball 16-times for 54-yards and ran in two 2-point conversions. Landon Seely scored 2-TDs, one by reception & one by carrying the ball; Seely also had 38-return yards and a defensive INT.

District plays starts next week for both teams. Pleasant Hill finished with an overall record of 4-5, 2-3 in league play. Excelsior Springs finished with a 6-3 overall record, 3-2 in league play.