BV North shuts out BV West

By Mike Lavieri Blue Valley Post Sports Editor
Posted: October 7, 2016 - 11:00 PM

It was the Grant Hamel show on Friday night as the Blue Valley North junior scored five times in the Mustangs 41-0 win against Blue Valley West.

The Mustangs (3-3) took their opening drive 45 yards, which Hamel capped off with an 11-yard reception from senior quarterback Cole Chapman.

Hamel said it was one of the most fun games of his life.

“That was a team effort and we all got it done,” Hamel said.

On the first play of the Mustangs’ next drive Hamel took a screen on the right side from Chapman and went 73 yards to extend the lead midway through the first quarter.

Hamel scored twice more before Dylan Freberg got in on the scoring action with a 13-yard reception from Chapman.

Hamel’s final score came from three yards out, but there was trickery involved.

Chapman faked a pass with his open hand and handed the ball off behind his back, which threw the Jaguars off a bit. Hamel went into the end zone untouched.

“The statue of liberty was probably my favorite,” Hamel said of his touchdown on the night. “We worked on that yesterday at practice and we executed and it turned out well.”

BVN coach Andy Sims lost track of how many scores Hamel had on the night.

“He’s a ball player,” said. “I’m surprised he had five. We try to get him a lot of touches. When you look at a score like that you lose track and as a head coach your head goes to other things.”

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