Bonner Springs edges Lansing

By Mike Lavieri PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: September 26, 2015 - 12:56 AM

Video courtesy of Time Warner Cable Sports Channel

What’s usually the Connor Byers Show turned into the Caden Henley Show starring Connor Byers as Bonner Springs High held on to edge Lansing High 35-28.

Henley picked off Lansing (2-2) quarterback Nick Redwine and recovered two fumbles including one that he forced.

The second fumble he recovered, came after Lansing’s Zack Schneider ripped off a 67-yard run from his two-yard line. The Lions were backed up after Byers threw an interception, which was as effective as a punt.

Schneider, who on his previous touch, scored a 90-yard touchdown to tie the game at 21, but on this run, which looked to be a 98-yard score, Bonner Springs’ (4-0) Jamison Jackson caught him from behind.

Four plays later, Henry Myrick looked to have picked up a first down, but Henley punched at the ball and jarred it free before pouncing on it.

“I overran it,” Henley said. “It was almost a bad play, but it turned into a good play.”

Lansing coach John McCall said if Lansing was able to score, they contemplated going for two. He said it was maybe to steal a win, but to also put his kids in that competitive environment.

Bonner Springs coach Lucas Aslin said Henley wasn’t starting at corner to begin the season.

He said Henley’s ball skills are good for being a sophomore and two plays after the forced fumble and recovery, Byers scored on an 80-yard run to make it 35-21.

Byers also scored on a 70-yard run the play immediately after Schneider’s 90-yard run, which gave Bonner Springs the lead for good.

Byers has that “anything you can do, I can do better,” mentality.

“There’s a reason why he’s a good player,” Aslin said. “He wants it when it counts. We’re so glad he’s back. We steered the ship without him last week, but we’re glad he’s back.”

Byers threw for three scores to go along with the two on the ground.

He found Michael Amayo for a 22-yard score, Jamison Jackson for an eight-yard touchdown, and Hayden Hoffine for 28 yards.

The play before Hoffine’s, Byers was almost picked off by Will Gauger Kersten. McCall said that’s the fourth near-interception for Gauger Kersten this season.

Schneider scored two touchdowns for Lansing, while Steve Ray and Myrick also added one each on the ground.

Aslin said Bonner Springs was somewhat fortunate for seeing Lansing now than in a few weeks because the Wing-T offense Lansing is running is difficult to stop.

“He’s right,” McCall said of Aslin’s comment. “The Wing-T gets better, and that’s what he was saying.

“This offense keeps growing each week as it applies to execution. We’re adding a little, each week. We’re excited. We know the Wing-T isn’t the most popular offense out there. It’s old school, but it fits us.”