Center is too much for Pembroke Hill

By Joe Caronia PrepsKC Staff Writer
Posted: September 4, 2015 - 10:51 PM

The Center Yellowjackets travelled to Pembroke Hill to face the Raiders Friday night. The Yellowjackets had too much speed as they shut out the Raiders 38 - 0.

The Raiders received the opening kickoff, but quickly went three and out. The Yellowjackets got the scoring underway when, quarterback Amuaun Ryan kept the ball on an option read and went 16 yards for the score. Senior kicker Jay Stephenson converted the point after.

With 5:09 left in the first quarter Norvell Trent took a hand-off and scampered 21 yards for a touchdown. Stephenson made the kick and the score was 14 -0.

The Yellowjackets were not finished scoring in the first quarter. Ryan hit Cristian Cox with a 65 yard play action pass for a score. Again Stephenson converted.

The Yellowjackets next drive was all Norvell Trent. Trent fielded the punt and made Raiders miss as he hurdled, and cut his way to the Raiders 43 yard line. Trent’s first play from scrimmage was a 21 yard run. His second was a 22 yard touchdown run, right up the middle. Stephenson continued to put his PAT’s, high over the crossbar.

Yellowjackets head coach Bryan DeLong talked about his special teams after the game.

“Our kids on special teams are really hustling,” DeLong said. “Because they know if they give him a crease, he’s the type of kid who can go all the way.”

Stephenson continued to show his kicking prowess as made a 32 yard field goal the next time the Yellowjackets had the ball.

The final score of the game came on a 16 yard run from Leiland Lewis. Stephenson remained perfect closing out the scoring in the game.

The Yellowjackets have only given up a total of the 13 points in their first 3 games. DeLong smiled when talking about his defense.

“We work really hard on defense, I came up as a defensive coach, I had an A.D. of mine tell me, if they don’t score you can’t lose,” DeLong said. “I know that’s awful high expectations, but we sure try to get them there. The last two weeks the defense has given us great field position. When you get the ball on the 30, 35, it sure helps us.”

Next week the Center Yellowjackets will try to remain undefeated as they have a home game against Lincoln College Prep. The Raiders of Pembroke Hill now 1-2 will travel to face off against the Northeast Vikings.