Leavenworth runs past Washington

By Sam Sherman The Leavenworth Times
Posted: October 25, 2014 - 12:37 AM

Leavenworth High School junior Drew Sachen was standing outside Pioneer Stadium following Leavenworth's 59-16 win against Washington High School when senior linebacker Anthony Hunt gave him a strong pat on the shoulder.
"Welcome to the Sunflower League," a smiling Hunt told Sachen.
It seemed that the same situation repeated itself over and over again. Teammates mobbed Sachen after he rushed for a touchdown with five seconds left in the first half. His weeks of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for his football eligibility to return were over, replaced instead by a 72-yard, one touchdown rushing performance from the Immaculata transfer.
As he trotted into the endzone, Sachen said the boom of the touchdown cannon was, of all things, mildly frightening, and all he wanted to do as his name came over the PA system?
"I wanted to hug somebody," Sachen said. "I ended up going and hugging (senior wide receiver) Gunnar (Freeman)."
In truth, Sachen was merely a benefactor of the no-bones-about-it Leavenworth game plan.
The Pioneers tallied only 34 offensive plays, 34 of those plays were on the ground.
"There's no doubt about it, we want to run the football," Littrell said. "Our offensive line is getting better each week. ... Our run game is getting better, so we feel good about running the ball."
As if the Wildcats didn't know.
Senior running back Sanchez Williams shouldered the load, carrying the ball 11 times for 131 yards and two touchdowns, while Sachen's 72-yard performance came on only five carries, averaging a whopping 14.4 yards a carry. Sophomore Jaylin McCray added to the noise with a touchdown of his own while senior Isaiah Ross had two goal-line touchdowns.
The Pioneers averaged nearly 10 yards a carry against Washington.
Offensively, Littrell said he had to tip his cap to Sachen, who joined the Pioneers' squad at the beginning of the summer, patiently waiting for his time to come.
"He came into this program, from the start, knowing what was happening, that he couldn't play till week eight," Littrell said. "That kid worked his tail off all summer long, he is what you tell your players you want. That you want them to be as productive as they can when they're on scout team, and that guy was on every scout team.
"He made our offense and defense better because when we put him at scout team, he busted his tail."
The win marked the first time this season that the first-team has left the game before the final whistle blew.