Getting in good work

By SJ Munoz PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: August 15, 2014 - 8:49 PM

Raytown, Raymore-Peculiar, Liberty, Blue Springs South, Park Hill and Park Hill South got together for an unofficial start to the season at the Park Hill South Jamboree held at Park Hill District Stadium.

As is the case in this type of setting, the teams used the scrimmages as an early barometer.

"We were a little bit flat to start out," Ray-Pec head coach Tom Kruse said. "As the jamboree went on I thought we played pretty well. We started relaxing, just playing and turning it loose. Our defense is going to be big for us this season and after the first series they played well"

For a youthful roster, seeing different opponents before the games count is another benefit.

"With as basic as we were, and nobody got hurt, it was a positive experience and we have a lot of things to build on," Park Hill South head coach Mark Simcox said. "After a couple weeks (of practice) it's hard to simulate the kind of intensity we need to have. It's good to have this. With so many young kids, if we don't get to do this the first time we see them playing live is next Friday and we don't like that."

It's also a chance to gauge specific areas where additional work may be needed.

"It was kind of sloppy, but it was good, there was more good than bad," Blue Springs South head coach Greg Oder said. "We'll get it worked out. It was good to have officials out here and the crowd going. It was fun, we needed that."

Just strapping it up again is excitement enough for the teams, and avoiding injury, that's paramount for coaches in this type of scenario.

“We're happy because we're healthy coming out of this game," Park Hill head coach Josh Hood said. "We are excited about what we did and the level of energy they had. We've been looking forward to this for a long time. We feel like we have a great group of kids and are excited about this season."

Park Hill and Blue Springs South will be right back of the same turf Friday night as the Trojans host the Jaguars to open the 2014 season.