LeBlond gets big win over St. Mary's

By Sam Robinson The St. Joseph News Press
Posted: August 24, 2012 - 10:33 PM

Austin Dawkins and Matthew McCullough diverted from their routine on a play opening night, and it paved the way for Bishop LeBlond to deviate from what’s become its norm.

On the Golden Eagles’ opening drive, McCullough — a second-year starting quarterback — dragged St. Mary’s (Independence) tacklers before being stopped after 20 yards, but his top backfield option hovered nearby and suggested his quarterback make a daring decision.

Amid traffic, McCullough lateraled the ball to Dawkins, who streaked 40 additional yards for a touchdown.

“I was just supposed to fake,” Dawkins said. “But he had guys on him, and I yelled at him to pitch it to me. I didn’t want to go back to the sideline. I expected to hear it from coach (Tony) Dudik, getting mad at me. But he was happy.”

With good reason.

The innovative play began a rare onslaught that ended in a 46-8 LeBlond rout Friday night at Eagle Stadium, the Eagles’ first opening-night win in four years.

Dawkins scored three more touchdowns — two on conventional option pitches from McCullough — and finished his night in the first half and, contrary to the Eagle Stadium scoreboard’s usual timing pattern, enjoyed the opportunity to watch another team on the wrong end of a running second-half clock.

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