Raytown ready for next step

Dion Clisso/PrepsKC

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: August 7, 2012 - 11:10 AM

It has been a slow and steady improvement for Raytown the last four years. The Blue Jays have improved their win total every season and they opened practice Monday with a high amount of enthusiasm for the upcoming year.
Raytown just missed out on the playoffs last year finishing 5-5 but the strong numbers on the first day show there is a great amount of interest in the football program.
Coach Kevin Page said that interest was there all summer and now that games are less than three weeks away the team came in ready to get to work when camp started.
“Day one is huge for us,” Page said. “It’s kind of a culmination of the weight room from June to the end of the school year and the 25 days of contact throughout the summer and the kids are really, really, really excited.
“I think this team is ready to take that step. They’ve really worked hard, as hard as any time we’ve had here at Raytown at least as long as I’ve been a head coach. They’ve really worked hard and they are ready to take that next step. They wouldn’t be without the work of the guys who came before, but we are ready to do more than inch up one win a year.”
The marked improvement last season came as Raytown was putting in a new offense and defense. Now in the second year of those changes the Blue Jays could make significant strides on both sides of the ball. Page said the team has a good grasp of what it needs right now and from here the players can just work on getting better each week.
“We came in today and through some wrinkles today and the guys adjusted very well,” Page said. “It’s year two with our defense, it’s year two with our offense and hopefully we don’t have to as much re-teaching and we can start building on what we did last year.”