Harrisonville player battling cancer

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By Chad Grammar Special to PrepsKC
Posted: July 26, 2012 - 2:21 PM

Sometimes football takes a back seat to the real world. As we all sit back and count down the days until football practice starts, the Harrisonville Wildcats are counting other things. They are counting down the days until one of their own will be done with chemotherapy. 
Max Galeassi, who was supposed to be gearing up for a fall fight with his Wildcat teammates for another state playoff run is instead going to be battling another horrible foe this fall, cancer. Yes we all know that word all to well. It’s the one opponent that each and every person in the world is on the same team to beat. Max and Harrisonville are no different. 
On June 11 of this year Max was diagnosed with testicular cancer, since then Max has undergone surgery and chemo to beat this horrible disease. His last scheduled chemo treatment is Sept. 10.
So join the Wildcat community as we help this young man Beat his toughest opponent yet. Below is info on how you and your Communities can help.