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View from the Press Box: Dion Clisso 9/11

There are certain things that happen every week during football season, there are games on Friday nights and the rankings from both Kansas and Missouri are released on Mondays.

At least the rankings we participate in at PrepsKC. We release the Kansas Rankings and the Missouri Media Rankings on Mondays.

The rankings we participate in are fun and get the votes of several different people across both states. runs its rankings after votes are tallied from around the state. They are the top five in each 11-man class in Kansas.

PrepsKC coordinates the Missouri Media Rankings. We’ve been coordinating the Rankings since 2012 and though it can be challenging with the changing landscape of media it’s been very rewarding.

At one time there were as many as 15 voters that voted in Missouri and now there are nine. We have representation from the entire state. Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, central Missouri, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis.

We collaborate each week giving information on the teams in our area so that the voters can make an informed decision. That’s about the best you can do.

We don’t do a Metro Top 25 at PrepsKC. I’ve long been on the record there is no way to do any of the teams’ justice when you have teams in different classes and different sides of the state line.

Rankings stir a lot of emotion good and bad. In the grand scheme of things, they are meant to be fun and a conversation starter among high school football fans. This has long been a staple of high school and college sports and while the professional ranks to have rankings almost every site from ESPN to CBS Sports feature some sort of Power Rating for leagues like the NFL.

The rankings are one of the most enjoyable parts of our week and I appreciate everyone that participates because this is above their own regular job and guess what, there’s no pay in it.

So, enjoy the rankings, don’t get too high or low based on where your team is ranked. In the end there are 12 11-man teams in Kansas and Missouri that earn the ultimate ranking or state champion and that’s what matters most.