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Using the data to improve technique

Lee’s Summit High School has been a Riddell InSite user for the last four years.  The Tigers are using Riddell’s Analytics data to improve player performance this year.  They are one of three programs benefiting from the donation provided by the McCarthy Auto Group.  Each program received two Riddell Axiom helmets as well as an Analytics subscription, which provides programs weekly and yearly reports with their impact data.

“Using the InSite Analytics subscription has allowed a quick look each week into the contact levels of our players. This quick look has allowed us to then dig in deeper to the data if we see something that stands out,” said Coach Thomas.

“We have used the data multiple times to correct fundamentals and techniques of our players to keep them safe and healthy for the long season.  We have used InSite for over 4 seasons, having the analytics each week has kept it at the front of our attention and allowed us to use the data more than ever.”

The Tigers are looking to keep their season alive Friday at Lee’s Summit North.