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Sparking instant training

For Staley, it has been a successful season. The team is currently 7-2, ranking 7th in the state (MO) and continues to build on momentum.

At the start of the season, the Staley Falcons were awarded five Riddell SpeedFlex helmets equipped with InSite technology. With the addition of these helmets came on-field advantages. “Early benefits are that you can have an immediate conversation with an athlete that has had an impact that has set of the sensor. Many times, an athlete will continue to play or practice because they themselves are unsure if they have sustained a concussion due to impact. This at least allows a conversation to be had and an evaluation be done if needed,” stated a member of the Staley Falcon’s training staff.

Outside of using the alert functions of the tool, the Falcons training staff is excited to track and analyze player impacts as the tool continues to learn their athletes’ on-field behavior. “As we capture more data, we’re looking forward to using this as a teaching tool to make our players and staff better and ultimately better protect our players.”

With conversations surrounding high school sports shifting into the realm of a player’s well-being, it is important that athletes and staff know are part of the conversation. The Staley Falcons expect that the addition of these helmets will help their players learn how to play smarter and safer football for seasons to come.