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PrepsKC and Papa John’s would like to congratulate Harmon high school as the winner of this year’s $500 equipment grant.

The Hawks were selected from a good group of candidates and won based on an essay submitted by James Penrod.

Here is the essay he submitted.

“My name is James Penrod, and I am writing on behalf of the J.C. Harmon Football program in Kansas City, KS. I, as well as the other coaches, feel that your equipment grant could benefit our program tremendously. We have a very young team that is trying to build something positive for our young men. Many of our student athletes face exceptional challenges outside of school and in their neighborhoods. Sadly, your grant will not alleviate all of the struggles facing our players, but it will go a long way to providing us as coaches with resources to create positive opportunities for our boys. We focus, primarily, on helping them grow into men of character. I believe your grant would give us a great leap forward toward bettering our program, thus creating a better support system for the young, student athletes of J.C. Harmon Football. We are improving year to year, and we are focused on growing our program the right way. Our youth are committed to making that happen. We as coaches aim to provide them with a family environment to achieve their goals. Your grant would be an amazing blessing to our school. Thank you so much for thoughtfully considering us.”