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Just short, Just enough

Pembroke Hill hosted University Academy Thursday, September 28th at home; a long-standing rivalry. Both teams came onto the field 5-1, Pembroke Hill left the field with the win.

Pembroke started off the game in the right mindset as junior Declan O’Leary grabbed an interception within minutes of kick-off.

The game went into the 2nd quarter 0-0. Pembroke Hill’s Head Coach, Sam Knopik, said this was the usual when these two teams go head-to-head

“It’s going to be a score game one way or the other,” Knopik said. “One team is going to make some plays the other team is going to almost make the play. That’s what this thing’s been for the last 10 years now.”

With the clock running down for the first half, Pembroke Hill’s senior Quarterback, Bert Bean, gets the touchdown and points finally go up on the scoreboard. Junior quarterback, Joe Graves, replaced Bean in the quarterback position for the play sending himself out to receiver to bring the Raiders the touchdown.

That was the first and last score of the game as the Raiders fought to keep UA off the board and UA didn’t let the Raiders back in their end zone. The game was decided when Pembroke Hill stopped the Gryphons at the 6-yard line on the final play of the game sealing the victory for the Raiders.

Pembroke Hill’s senior, Yanki Kasimu, was a notable player of the night making plays on both defense and offense for the raiders. Similarly, UA’s juniors, Ryan Pritchard and Anwar Smith, consistently made moves for the Gryphons throughout the game.