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Third and Long: Ryan Edwards 8/22Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards

Week 1 is here, well, it is for those who live on the Missouri side of the state line.

And we’ve got one of those “where were you when” type of games to start the season with Liberty North and Lee’s Summit North.

So why is it being played now?

For me, this was a missed opportunity for the Suburban Conference, for many reasons.

Yes, I know that Liberty North and Lee’s Summit North are in separate divisions, however, it is the marquee game of the season — on either side of State Line — it should be treated as such.

I’m not saying it should be a standalone game or anything like that. I’m saying it needed to be the last game of the regular season.

This has potential to be an LSU vs. Alabama type of game — and it will feel that way on Friday — however, could you imagine what the atmosphere would be like had this game been scheduled in October? Both teams undefeated, potentially playing for the top seed in districts?

The point is you don’t see games of major significance in college football being played at the beginning of the season.

Sure you’ll see Georgia play Clemson, or Alabama play Miami or USC.

But the games with the most significance are usually played toward the middle, or end of the regular season.

With all of that being said, I’m excited for this game. Liberty North got the better of Lee’s Summit North last year, so the Broncos will be looking to get even with the Eagles. And, honestly, it’d be a shame if both teams were in the same district, because this game would make an epic semifinal or championship game in Class 6.

Here’s what I’m excited to see this season:

Will Blue Springs and Blue Springs South get back to their winning ways?

The Wildcats and Jaguars haven’t been the same for several years, and honestly, when both teams are good, they make the Suburban Conference better, whether you like it or not, they are the standard that Liberty North and Lee’s Summit North are trying to get to. Because they have something neither Liberty North or Lee’s Summit North have — a Class 6 title.

Will Mill Valley continue its dominance in Class 5?

The Jaguars are once the favorites in Class 5. Will they be challenged by anyone in Class 5? Or will they continue to have a stranglehold on it?

Will Rockhurst finally break through?

The Hawklets have yet to take flight under third year coach Kelly Donohoe. His first season was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic and last season the Hawklets were relatively young and still adjusting to Donohoe’s coach style. However, this year could be different. Rockhurst returns several starters and has a talented group of underclassmen that could make big leaps this year.

We’ll find out what the young Hawklets are made of when they travel to Raymore on Friday to take on Raymore-Peculiar.