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Photo Credit: Mike Lavieri

The world on Monday night surpassed a million deaths because of COVID-19. The United States accounts for more than a fifth of them.

We need to remember, folks, that we’re not out of the woods – we’re not even close. On Monday night, De Soto USD 232’s Board of Education held a special meeting to review the recommendations of its COVID advisory committee, which recommended the district remain in the yellow zone. Patron input, however, sided with students going back to school, which is no doubt the most beneficial to the students.

Districts like Olathe were able to bring back football because the student athletes elected to create a bubble of sorts, where their only contact is with their teammates.

Whether its St. Thomas Aquinas’ Tank Young or Rockhurst’s Cashius Howell, they know what’s on the line. They understand how precious every week is and how important it is to listen to their coaches if they want to see the season through.

However, thorough four weeks of football on the Kansas side and five on the Missouri side, I’ve seen time and time again teams not social distancing like they should. There’s a reason sidelines have been extended to the 10s on each side of the 50 to allow teams to spread out, but it’s rarely being used except when their teams are about to score.

And while schools are allowing some fans in the stands – whether its family only or a small group of students too – the social distancing there is worse.

As the flu season is upon us and the colder weather draws nigh, fans need to listen to the administrations if they want to continue to watch their teams play or high schools might be facing what many NFL stadiums are facing and that’s no fans in the stands.

So sure, I might be the old man yelling to get off my lawn, I’m urging football fans on both sides to do their part so we can continue to watch the game we so love.

And if students do end up returning to the classroom, it’s going to be even more important or the season is going to be gone before it even started.