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View From the Press Box: 8/30Photo Credit: Dion Clisso

Every year when schedules come out there are always good games that schools put together. Then there are some that make you wonder what they were thinking.

Throw in the fact that most schools are locked into at least 4-7 games every year because of conference affiliation and it makes sports writers like me wonder what if I could put together some games.

It’s more of a fun side bar that some of us like to talk about knowing that’s not our job. If we would have wanted to be matchmakers, we should have become a boxing promoter or started some dumb reality TV show.

This season everything is different including the concept of a set schedule. Who you think you are playing on Tuesday may not be who you are playing on Friday. This past week is a great example. Lawson had to cancel due to a Covid-19 case and taking the proper precautions. That meant the Cardinals were not going to host Oak Grove Friday night. The Panthers searched around and found Bowling Green from Northeast Missouri and picked that game up just more than 24 hours before game time.

Get used to this. It’s going to happen more if we are going to get anything that resembles a full season.

Activities Directors and coaches find themselves scrambling to find games for weeks ahead and sometimes the week of a scheduled game.

I’ve received quite a few text messages and have passed along the open spots that we’re aware of at this point. I’ve been on my phone a lot over the last week and I don’t think that is going to stop anytime soon.

There are some games I’d love to see and who knows maybe we will get to see those games. In the meantime we will try to keep you up to date with the information as we have it. You will notice we have a dedicated Schedule Update Tab that we will update week by week. Our team pages will be a work in progress as we move games around as well.

It’s going to be a little crazy to say the least and we will be keeping up with everything no matter how crazy it gets.