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After Further Review: Cole Young 7/24Photo Credit: Cole Young

Things feel a little weird around our house right now.

Beyond the obvious stuff going on in the world, my wife and I thought, “Hey lets really add to the fun and buy a new house.”

Now we’ve been through this once before 8 years ago as well as in our 20s when each new year seemed to bring a new apartment. For our six-year-old though, this is the only house he’s known, so things seem extra weird for him.

I couldn’t help but think that’s how a lot of football teams will feel this fall as well.

Take the whole fact that things are bound to be weird with COVID-19 out of the discussion. There’s going to be a lot of new faces in new places.

Look no further than three of the biggest programs on the Missouri side.

At Rockhurst, Tony Severino won’t be on the sidelines for the first time 37 years. Think about buying a new after living in one for that long. There’s certain to be some changes, not all bad and not all good for the Hawklets. Now granted, the new house Rockhurst is getting is pretty highly sought after with Kelly Donohoe and some impressive finishes in the coaching staff.

The same can be said for Blue Springs and Raymore-Peculiar who are undergoing changes much in the same way after having coaches at the helm for more than a decade.

In all nearly a dozen new head coaches will take over on the Missouri side this fall.

There’s bound be to be growing pains in both our situation and a lot of these schools. No doubt at some point in the next month I’ll mumble something under my breathe and wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

The same will be the case for some teams, some players and honestly some coaches.