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The Sports Performance Center at the University of Kansas Health System has several injury prevention classes available starting soon.

Three classes begin next week and are enrolling now. The Arm Care and ACL Injury Reduction Program begin Sept. 30 while the Concussion Risk Reduction Program begins Oct. 1.

ACL Injury Reduction Program
This 6-week program is designed to help athletes develop proper skills for reducing their risk of ACL and other sport-related injuries. This program targets youth and high school athletes and includes a video analysis of jumping and landing patterns, individualized progressive strength training and education on proper warmup prior to training and competition.

Arm Care Program
Overhead motions, such as pitching, throwing, serving, spiking and swimming, demand incredible control of the upper extremities. This 6-week program focuses on reducing the risk of shoulder, elbow and other sport-related injuries commonly seen in overhead athletes. Participants will learn and develop the proper skills and techniques to enhance their movements and improve their performance. Athletes who swim or play baseball, softball, volleyball or tennis can benefit from this program.

Concussion Risk Reduction Program
Sustaining a concussion can be devastating to an athlete. This 6-week program, developed by sports medicine experts at The University of Kansas Health System, is designed for middle school and high school athletes who want to reduce their risk of concussion and improve sports performance. Participants will focus on agility, balance and reaction skills, neck and core muscle strength, vision training and spatial awareness.

For more information on the classes listen to a podcast with Dr. Lisa Vopat Medical Director for Sports Performance at the University of Kansas Health System.

Dr. Lisa Vopat podcast