Missouri approves new playoff system

By PrepsKC staff
Posted: April 8, 2011 - 9:11 AM

After what will be a short four-year run of the current playoff system, Missouri will again change its postseason format in 2012.

The Missouri State High School Activities Association board voted unanimously to approve a new playoff system beginning with the 2012 season. The new format will mirror district play in other sports with teams playing a nine-game regular season with the 10th week of the season the first week of playoffs.

In the playoffs teams will be placed in eight team districts that will be seeded based upon the first nine weeks of the season. The seeding will be based on a points system that has not been fully determined but early versions of the system give teams points based on the classification of its opponents if the team earns a victory. If a team plays and beats a team in a higher class it would get more points than it would if it played a team from a higher class and less points if it played a team in a lower class.

The new district tournament would start in week No. 10 with games hosted by the higher seed. Since teams would not be guaranteed five home games under the new system week No. 10’s gate receipts would be split by the two schools based upon a 60/40 split.

One other factor of the new playoff format would be the possibility of teams playing back-to-back games in week No. 9 and 10. If two teams were scheduled to play each other in week No. 9 and then ended up seeded against each other in the first round of the district tournament then they would play on successive weeks.

Week No. 10 games would be played as normally scheduled on Thursday, Friday or Saturday but the Week No. 11 games would follow the Wednesday, Monday, Saturday schedule in Classes 1-4 and Wednesday, Monday, Friday schedule in Class 5. The Class 6 schedule would also remain the same with games being played on Friday and Saturday.

The current classes will remain the same with 64 teams in Classes 1-4 and 32 teams in Class 6. Class 5 will continue to be made up of all remaining schools. The uneven number of schools in Class 5 could see some teams with byes in Week No. 10 similar to the first round of the playoffs under the current format.