Kearney, Staley dominate all-conference team

By PrepsKC staff
Posted: January 17, 2011 - 2:15 PM

The last two seasons the race for the Suburban Small Six title has come down to the Staley-Kearney game. This year was no different as the Bulldogs topped the Falcons to win the title.


Both teams were ranked near the top of their respective classes all season and made deep runs in the playoffs. Staley went all the way to the Class 5 semifinals and Kearney went undefeated until losing to Harrisonville in the Class 4 quarterfinals.


The strong seasons by both schools is reflected in the all-conference team. Each team placed 10 players on the all-conference squad to lead all schools. Kearney also grabbed the offensive player of the year award with the play of quarterback Shane Hartzler and the co-defensive player of the year award with Alex Clemons. Staley’s Videl Nelson shared the defensive award with Clemons.


Platte County also had a strong season making the playoffs in Class 4 before losing to Kearney in the sectionals. The Pirates put five players on the first-team and coach Bill Utz shared the coach of the year award with Kearney’s Greg Jones.


First Team


Offensive Line

Chao Wei, Oak Park, sr., 5-11, 230

Taylor Lein, Staley, sr., 6-0, 240

Derek Skiles, Staley, sr., 6-1, 235

Brian Swyndler, Platte County, sr., 6-0, 225

Caleb Benner, Kearney, sr., 6-2, 255

Greg Harris, Kearney, sr., 6-1, 270

Tight End

Nick Duffy, Staley, sr., 6-2, 215

Jordan Mitchell, Platte County, jr., 6-4, 200

Wide Receiver

Jaron Alexander, Grandview, jr., 5-11, 160

Ryan Rische, Kearney, sr., 6-1, 170

Sam Gregory, Kearney, sr., 6-0, 175

Sheldon Sparks, Platte County, jr., 6-0, 175

Running Back

Morgan Steward, Staley, jr., 6-1, 195

Evan Campbell, Staley, sr., 5-8, 180

Ty Frakes, Kearney, sr., 5-9, 185


Shane Hartzler, Kearney, 6-3, 205


Isaiah Lawson, Staley, sr., 5-7, 160


Alex Prewitt, Kearney, jr., 5-10, 155


Defensive Line

Will Fraizer, Oak Park, sr., 6-4, 240

Nathaneal Lohn, Staley, jr., 6-4, 250

Michael Pfeffer, Kearney, sr., 6-0, 206


Sam Love, Grandview, sr., 6-0, 248

Videl Nelson, Staley, sr., 6-2, 225

Taylor Smith, Platte County, sr., 5-9, 215

Alex Clemons, Kearney, sr., 6-1, 193

Colton Michael, Kearney, sr., 5-11, 122

Defensive Back

Eric Greely, Oak Park, soph., 6-0, 170

Jackson Long, Staley, sr., 6-0, 180

Cody Deterding, Platte County, sr., 6-1, 185

Alex Prewitt, Kearney, jr., 5-10, 155


Derek Hukill, Staley, jr., 6-0, 180

Romey Reaws, Grandview, sr.



Second team


Offensive Line

Zavon Moore, Grandview, sr., 6-3, 260

Austin White, Staley, soph., 6-0, 235

Kyle Davis, Platte County, jr., 6-1, 225

Erik Waters, Kearney, sr., 6-2, 240

Colton Champ, Kearney, jr., 6-1, 225

Wide Receiver

Eric Greely, Oak Park, soph., 6-0, 170

Chris Witcig, Staley, sr., 6-2, 175

Running Back

Darrion Moore, Grandview, sr., 5-11, 175

Joe Brown, Platte County, jr., 6-0, 185

Brandon Jackson, Kearney, sr., 5-7, 175


Krae Kelso, Platte County, jr., 6-1, 185


Michael Brinkmeyer, Staley, jr., 6-1, 170


Defensive Line

Austin Hooton, Staley, sr., 6-1, 225

David Marcinko, Staley, jr., 6-1, 220

Jared Love, Kearney, sr., 5-11, 215


Matt Harmon, Staley, jr., 6-1, 205

Deavon Payne, Staley, sr., 6-1, 175

Sheldon Sparks, Platte County, jr., 6-0, 175

Tanner Wendell, Kearney, jr., 5-11, 175

Collan Payne, Kearney, jr., 5-11, 176

Defensive Back

Cedric Williams, Grandview, sr., 5-9, 150

Earon Pierce, Staley, sr., 6-2, 170

Damen Williams, Kearney, sr., 5-10, 175

Danny Threlkeld, Kearney, sr., 5-11, 160


Honorable Mention


Ryan Lee, QB; Akil Williams, OL, soph.; Josiah Quick, OL, soph.; Travis McMillan, WR, sr.; Joseph Obasi, TE, sr.; Kenneth Peters, DL, sr.; Delmeko Jordan, DL, sr.; Quinten Neal, LB, sr.; Aric Rule, LB, sr.; Kamron Tomlinson, DB, sr.; Josh Dunn, DB, soph.


Austin Burgard, RB, sr.; Nick Boehm, OL, sr.; Cole Bengtson, DL, sr.; Cody Starr, LB, jr.; Shane Hartzler, P, sr.

Liberty North

Antwynn Beavers, RB, soph.; Zach Fuller, OL, soph.; Adam Todd, K, jr.; Konnor Broughton, DL, jr.; Zac Miller, LB, jr.; Addison Spiehs, LB, jr.

Oak Park

Sam Jacks, OL, sr.; David Wingerson, WR and P, jr.; Andrew, Fishel, K, soph.; Tiernan Ironwing-Samm, LB, soph.; Darrell Jones, LB, jr.; Ty White, LB, jr.; Kamron Gant, DB, jr.

Platte County

Johathon Knopp, OL, jr.; Ben Matthews, WR, jr.; Hunter Timmons, DL, jr.; Muyadd Maxwell, DL, sr.; Cody Deterding, DB, sr.; Jacob Erpelding, DB, sr.


Michael Rich, QB, sr.; Clint Cobb, OL, sr.; Chris Stumpf, TE, jr.; Andrew Kimrey, K, sr.; Caleb Sweet, LB, sr.; Derek Hukill, DB, jr.