Recognized for work on and off the field

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Posted: December 4, 2018 - 9:15 PM

Junior Max Kalny from St. James Academy was named the September male athlete for the 3rd Annual MaxPreps Semper Fidelis High School Athlete of the Month Award, presented by the United States Marine Corps. Kalny is a part of the football, rugby and basketball teams.

“MaxPreps congratulates Max Kalny on being named High School Athlete of the Month,” said Andy Beal, Founder and President of MaxPreps. "High school sports are designed to build character and foster teamwork and a competitive spirit in our nation's young people.  The MaxPreps Semper Fidelis High School Athlete of the Month represents those outstanding qualities that make not just great athletes, but more importantly fine citizens. MaxPreps is proud to honor these fine student-athletes in collaboration with the United States Marine Corps.”

“Max is a rare breed,” stated football head coach Tom Radke. “At such a young age, Max is without a question one of the most driven, thoughtful, kind, and one of the best leaders I have seen from a young person. Max embodies everything that a teacher, coach, and parent would want out of a student.” When asked about Kalny receiving the MaxPreps Semper Fidelis Athlete of the Month award, Radke explained, “As a team/coach it is arguably the best award that can be given. Our team’s motto over the year have been 212, be great people, higher standard for a higher purpose, and there is nothing more fitting than a player winning a national award that embodies what we preach every single day.”

Kalny is a true representation of a student-athlete. Not only does Kalny excel on the field, but he also excels in the classroom by maintaining a high GPA while participating in many school activities. Most impressively may be his heart for the community. Kalny devotes one Saturday per month to volunteering with BREATHE, an organization that serves people five years or older with disabilities, and gives their caretakers a small break. Kalny says, “Many people often forget about the special needs community, so it is important to serve them and know their struggles, but also their dignity in our society. It is a great program that has definitely opened my eyes to the lives of their community.”

Sgt Blake Foster of the Kansas United States Marine Corps presented Kalny with the MaxPreps Semper Fidelis Athlete of the Month trophy on Tuesday during a school assembly. "The United States Marine Corps fights and wins our nation's battles. Through the MaxPreps High School Athlete of the Month program, we recognize students that embody the Marine Corps' fighting spirit and tenacity to overcome adversity,” stated 1st Lt. Johnny Henderson. “These student athletes have proven to rise to the challenges they face, both on and off the field.  We honor only the best and we take pride in recognizing those that rise above and have a positive influence in their community."

MaxPreps picks one female and one male athlete each month to be named the Semper Fidelis Athlete of the Month, presented by the United States Marines Corps. Through a comprehensive marketing campaign MaxPreps gives athletes, parents, coaches, and teachers the opportunity to nominate a deserving athlete to be recognized. MaxPreps in partnership with the Marines then selects the most well-rounded athletes that embody the character traits of the United States Marines Corps, such as bravery, dedication, perseverance, and personal sacrifice for others.