Is your school a Safe Sport School? 3/21

By Sports Medicine and Performance Center Staff
Posted: March 22, 2018 - 6:20 AM

Athletic trainers are key to Safe Sports Schools
Keeping young athletes healthy and safe is a top priority for Sports Medicine and Performance Center athletic trainers. Through partnership with 13 high schools throughout the Kansas City area, these full-time, certified athletic trainers work to ensure every youth athlete at practices, games and events receives the highest level of care.

The primary role of our athletic trainers is injury prevention, evaluations, rehabilitation and reconditioning for youth athletes. Trainers also educate athletes, coaches and parents about injuries, proper nutrition, preventive exercises and sport-specific training. Often a sideline and behind-the-scenes resource, our high school athletic trainers serve as first responders in the event of an injury.

In early 2016, our Shawnee Mission School District high school athletic trainers held a Back to Sports Night at Shawnee Mission North. Back to Sports is a program designed by the National Football League and the American Heart Association to promote physical activity and safe sport participation among youth. Our athletic trainers discussed important sports safety topics including concussion awareness, heat and hydration, cardiac arrest and the prevention of overuse injuries.

Making our partner high schools Safe Sports Schools
The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has recognized many of our partner high schools with Safe Sports School status. The award recognizes schools around the country that take the crucial steps to keep their athletes free from injuries. Required sports safety actions for this award include that the school have a comprehensive athletic healthcare plan, promote safe and appropriate environments, provide proper sporting equipment, develop injury intervention strategies, rehearse an emergency action plan and promote a culture of safe play.

Blue Valley, Blue Valley North, Blue Valley Southwest, Shawnee Mission East, Shawnee Mission North, Shawnee Mission Northwest, Shawnee Mission South, Shawnee Mission West, Mill Valley and De Soto high schools are all Safe Sports Schools. Thanks to their Sports Medicine and Performance Center athletic trainers for all of their hard work in making these Safe Sports Schools.

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