Turn around victory

By Kennedy Calton PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: October 12, 2017 - 11:04 PM

Blue Valley North hosted Mill Valley Thursday, October 11th at home. Blue Valley North entered the game tonight 3-3 with identical loses from the previous year while Mill Valley was looking at a 2-4 record. Mill Valley’s Jaguars walked off the field Thursday night with the W advancing them to a 3-4 overall record.

The battle started off early in the night as an interception was made by Mill Valley’s senior, Calvin Turk, just moments after the clock started turning it to visitor’s ball. Only quickly to be turned back around after another interception to be made by Blue Valley North’s junior, Sean DiJoesph, putting the ball back to the Mustang 15- yard line.

Early in the game it was noticeable that both teams led with strong, dynamic and playmaking quarterbacks. The Blue Valley North Mustangs’ s junior quarterback, Graham Mertz, making some great passes throughout the night and advanced some yards for the team as well. While the Jaguars senior quarterback, Brody Flaming, was often the ball carrier throughout the night with a highlight of a 71-yard touchdown in the second half.

The first touchdown of the night went to the Mustangs with a pass complete to senior, Grant Hamel, with a 53-yard touchdown pass and the extra point good. The first quarter didn’t get away without the Jaguars putting points up on the board with a touchdown pass to junior, Matt Wittenauer, bringing the score tied 7-7.

Mid-second quarter Blue Valley North gets a 37-yard field goal putting up 3 on the board making the scoreboard 10-7. QB, Brody Flaming, shortly after is the ball carrier for the Jaguar’s second touchdown. But that’s not it for the second quarter! Flaming pulls the same play again faking a pass-off to junior, Cameron Young, for a second time to get the third touchdown of the night for the Jaguars closing out the first half.

Starting off the second half of the game, we see Flaming’s 71-yard touchdown with a good kick by the Jaguars bringing the score to 10-28. The Mustang’s Graham Mertz advances the score to 17-28 quarterback keeper after senior, Nijel Roberts, works the ball down the field. With the end of the third, Blue Valley North’s senior, Anthony Bragulla, runs in for a 17-yard touchdown. The score is 23-28 after the missed 2-point conversion back to Bragulla.

Ending the game out we see Mill Valley complete a pass for a touchdown to junior, Logan Talley placing while Blue Valley North doesn’t back down with Mertz and Roberts making power moves down the field locking down another touchdown pass with a good kick putting the score at 30-35. Mill Valley took a knee as the clock ran out closing the night out with a win.