William Chrisman tops Grandview

By Mike Genet The Examiner
Posted: September 8, 2017 - 11:08 PM

William Chrisman’s football team has found ways to win despite many bouts of ugly play through all four games – perhaps none more so than Friday’s 28-16 win over visiting Grandview at Independence All-School Stadium.

So while Bears coach Matthew Perry wishes for a better-looking victory, he won’t refuse what his unbeaten team has done thus far.

“We haven’t won pretty,” Perry said. “That’s been our M.O. It’s not what I want us to do, but it’s what we do.

“Other than the end of the first half and the very first series, our defense was good.”

Good enough that it scored one touchdown, essentially gave the offense another score and provided short fields for the Bears’ final two touchdowns in the first half.

Good enough to record six sacks, five turnovers, harass quarterback Rephael Pearson into misfiring his last 11 throws and allow just 234 yards of offense by Grandview (1-3).

“We struggled getting pressure on the quarterback at first, then in the second half we got more pressure,” said all-state end Daniel Carson, who had 1 1/2 sacks and provided pressure seemingly every passing play, with linemates Dean Downs, Lovelle Williamson, Dominic and David Toese and Isaiah McFall also joining the fun. “We knew that was important because they had some fast guys on the outside. Our D-line is probably the strongest part of our defense.”

The Bulldogs did manage to strike first, when starting quarterback Jason Perez hit Damon Stephens in stride for a 64-yard touchdown pass on the game’s second snap.

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