DeSoto has the new Mom of the Week

By PrepsKC staff
Posted: October 19, 2016 - 12:21 PM

A successful football team is one where the players and coaches work together to achieve their goals.

While the bulk of the attention is given to those players and coaches there are plenty of other people who make a football team go every day of the season and the offseason.

One group of people that might just be the most important is the football moms. Whether it’s making meals that keep the player strong, doing that dirty laundry or giving the support that helps the player stay focused the football mom is in the silent force behind a successful football program.

Sport Shake and PrepsKC want to honor these unsung heroes with the first annual Mom of the Week contest. Each week you can nominate a mother for the Mom of the Week contest by submitting an essay telling us why your mom’s impact is important to your individual or team success. Each week the winning essay will earn that team’s booster club a $1,000 gift courtesy of Sport Shake.

This week’s winner is Tresa Kellner of DeSoto. She was nominated by Mark Gastelum. Below is Mark’s nomination.

“When looking for an all-star mom you don’t have to look any further than Tresa Kellner. Tresa is the mother of DHS OL Marshall Kellner and has been an integral part of the Wildcat program the last 3 years. In that time Tresa has:

  • helped organize the DHS mulch fundraiser (raises $4,000/year on average)
  • organized post-season banquets
  • organized weekly team meals
  • helped start the DHS Quarterback Club
  • led the charge to get Hudl Sideline this season
  • organized food drives
  • started our Fall Football program (raised $6,000 for the program)
  • takes pictures for all fall sports
  • helps scholarship kids for football camps and team meals
  • organizes snacks for Fr/JV away games.
  • raised $8,500 to help with pre-game meals and game socks
  • worked concessions at multiple winter events to raise money for the football program
  • helped raise money to buy our 5-man lev sled and field house refrigerator
  • organized and operated summer “jail n’ bail” fundraiser

Tresa’s contributions to our program are immense, but her greatest contribution is being a supportive and loving mother to her sons (Marshall-11th and Garrett-8th). It is fair to say that without Tresa the Wildcat program would not be where it is today.”