Blue Springs sees benefits of InSite

By Morgan Hellwig Ridell Marketing & Communications
Posted: October 13, 2016 - 5:51 AM

Hot off their fifth straight win against longtime rival Lee Summit North, Blue Springs can confidently took the field in week 6 against South with a (6-1) record. After spending 17 years with the program, Blue Springs Head Coach Kelly Donohoe knows the importance of providing his players with all of the tools they need to excel. One of those tools is providing students with the information and resources to help ensure player safety on the field.

This year Coach Donohoe has equipped his players with Riddell’s state-of-the-art InSite Impact Response System, which features a five-zone sensor pad or player unit placed in select players’ helmets that alert the sideline to atypical head impact exposures based on the player’s level of play and position . Blue Springs is a part of the larger athlete health and safety initiative sponsored by the McCarthy Auto Group and PrepsKC, which includes four other area high schools who received Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System.

As we are more than halfway through the season, Coach Donohoe and his team have been able to experience the benefits of working with the InSite system.

"I think it’s a great program.  We’re trying to be proactive to help our young guys out. I think we’ve only had one alert so far on a big hit."

The decision by the school to invest in Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System is a prime example of taking a proactive approach to making football a better, safer and smarter sport. It helps coaches identify players that need to modify technique due to repeated alerts and reduce the potential for undiagnosed concussions by providing sideline staff with actionable information.

Coach Donohoe has made ensuring the safety of his players a top priority which is the key to success in his program. We’ll continue to share more in the coming weeks about Blue Springs and the other four schools participating in the Riddell InSite program as the season goes along: Blue Springs South High School, Bishop Miege High School, Marshall High School and Mill Valley High School