Mom of the Week winner week 4

By PrepsKC staff
Posted: September 6, 2016 - 4:43 PM

A successful football team is one where the players and coaches work together to achieve their goals.

While the bulk of the attention is given to those players and coaches there are plenty of other people who make a football team go every day of the season and the offseason.

One group of people that might just be the most important is the football moms. Whether it’s making meals that keep the player strong, doing that dirty laundry or giving the support that helps the player stay focused the football mom is in the silent force behind a successful football program.

Sport Shake and PrepsKC want to honor these unsung heroes with the first annual Mom of the Week contest. Each week you can nominate a mother for the Mom of the Week contest by submitting an essay telling us why your mom’s impact is important to your individual or team success. Each week the winning essay will earn that team’s booster club a $1,000 gift courtesy of Sport Shake.

This week’s winner is Angie Skwarlo from Lawrence Free State. She was nominated by fellow Free State mother Lori Hauk and the Firebirds booster club will receive $1,000 courtesy of Sport Shake in Skwarlo’s honor.

Here is an excerpt from Skwarlo’s nomination:

“If Angie's boys (three of which ALL play football) forget something (girdles, socks, gloves......etc.) before a game, she will rush it over to the stadium. If any of the coaches that she has worked with for the last 11 years has needed anything, they have ANGIE SKWARLO on speed dial. If the parents need information, they know who will have it.......Angie.  She is literally everyone's “Girl Friday.” Without Angie, Friday Night Lights would not be the same.

“Coaches and weight trainers can only take a team so far. You need a backbone to support your core........and that is Angie. Her energy, passion and commitment drive her to make everything run smoothly so that all the other parents and community can enjoy the ride.”

To enter next week’s contest submit an essay detailing the work of your special Mother. The essays need to be 200 words or less and can be submitted to

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