Raytown edges North Kansas City

By Joe Caronia PrepsKC Staff Writer
Posted: October 24, 2015 - 12:42 AM

The North Kansas City Hornets travelled to Raytown High School to take on the Raytown Bluejays, in the first round of the Class 5 playoffs.  In a defensive battle, the Bluejays held on to a hard fought, 14 -12, victory.

The Bluejays had chances to score as twice they were in Hornets territory with first and goal to go.  The Hornets twice were able to get stops on 4th and goal.  However after the second stop, the Hornets fumbled and the Bluejays recovered.  With 10:02 left in the second quarter, Antonio Williams scored on a 1 yard touchdown run.  Quarterback Jacob Smirl, worked double duty as he was also the kicker who converted the point after.

After the kickoff, Hornets head coach Leon Douglas, called a trick play.  Quarterback John Sanchez handed off on a “Jet-Sweep” but as the Hornet attempted a pass off of the handoff, Bluejay Harrison Johnson, stole the football and scampered 18 yards for the defensive score.  For the second time Smirl converted the extra point.

Head coach Kevin Page had  an interesting take on the score.  “I saw 26, with a bolt of lightning, and I still don’t know what happened, but I will catch it on film.  I could not congratulate for five minutes.  He is on every special team, he is on every play.  I didn’t get to see him until five minutes later.”

That was the last score of the half as the teams went to intermission, with the Bluejays up 14 - 0.

There was no score in the third quarter, as both defenses frustrated the offenses, as they moved the ball but could not score.

The Hornets got on the board, when Damon Whitmill scored on a 23 yard run up the middle.  Avery Williams could not convert the kick, and the Bluejays led 14 - 6.

The Hornets continued to run the ball in the 4th quarter.  With 2:28 left in the game Whitmill scored again this time from 5 yards out.  The Hornets lined up for the two point conversion, and the tie.  The Hornets lined up for the play and at the last second Coach Page called a timeout.

After the game Page talked about the timeout, “I wanted to see what formation they were in.  A lot of that has to do with the respect we have for their running back.”

After the timeout, the Hornets committed a false start penalty, backing them up 5 yards.  On the attempt, looked in the end zone and with his receivers covered, John Sanchez took off for the goal line and was stopped short.

The Hornets elected to kick deep and play defense.  The Bluejays picked up a first down and ran out the clock for the victory.

Page talked about the challenge of facing Fort Osage, “They killed us last week.  We respect their program, but we don’t feel like we played our best game against them.

The Bluejays will now travel to Independence next week to take on Fort Osage.  The Hornets finish their season with a record of 2 - 8.