Basehor-Linwood finding value in InSite

By Erin Griffin Director of Corporate Communications Riddell & BRG Sports
Posted: September 23, 2015 - 3:12 PM

Following a close 21-27 loss last Friday to rival Bonner Springs, Basehor-Linwood’s football team and Head Coach Rod Stallbaumer maintain a positive outlook on the season despite the 1-2 start.

This season, Basehor-Linwood has joined forces with PrepsKC, The McCarthy Auto Group and Riddell, along with four other area high schools, and has introduced a new approach to monitor player head impact exposure through Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System.

Select Basehor-Linwood players feature a helmet-based head impact monitoring system in their Riddell helmets, which is designed to alert the sideline to significant and/or a-typical impacts a player experiences on the field.

Alertable impacts are based on published research corresponding to a player’s skill level (high school in this case) and position on the field. If a player’s helmet sends an alert, designated sideline staff holding an Alert Monitor will typically observe the player and follow the team’s protocol in the event of an injury.

Through three weeks in the season, Coach Stallbaumer sees the benefit of Riddell InSite for his program.

“It's been a great tool to assess players’ technique and reinforce what we are coaching,” Stallbaumer said.

In addition to using InSite this season, Coach Stallbaumer noted that Basehor-Linwood has adopted the “Hawks” approach to tackling – based off of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks techniques – which is another way that the football team is taking progressive steps toward removing the head from the game.

“Hard to argue that you kept your head up in a drill if the sensor sends us an alert,” Stallbaumer said. “So far we have had very few alerts, so it’s also given us piece of mind that our kids are tackling and playing properly.”

In talking with Coach Stallbaumer, it’s clear there is more to his football team and to coaching than wins and losses.

“I think the safety and welfare of our players is extremely important,” Stallbaumer said. “Football can teach kids so much today about responsibility, team work, accountability to others and really help young men in their growth to adulthood. The game has to be safe for them to participate and learn these things, so if monitoring for concussions and proper technique helps us teach and them to learn safe habits we are all for it.” 

Coach Stallbaumer echoes the sentiment of several high profile football figures. This spring, the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens’ Head Coach John Harbaugh penned an opinion piece, “Why Football Matters”, pointing to the important values learned by young athletes that play football and highlighting how the sport has evolved and advanced. 

Basehor-Linwood should be applauded not only for making strides in football player protection, but for also amplifying the key values associated with playing football, a sport we love and are so passionate about. We’ll share in the coming weeks about Basehor-Linwood and the other four schools participating in the Riddell InSite program:  Lees Summit, Spring Hill, Sumner Academy and Wyandotte High School.