Savannah tops St. Joseph Benton

By Jon Dykstra St. Joseph News-Press
Posted: September 18, 2015 - 10:10 PM

A McGinness running the offense gives Savannah fans a certain amount of comfort.

Blake McGinness took the reigns of the Savages’ offense on Friday night and helped lead the team to a 24-13 win over Benton.

“Us coaches and players have all the confidence in the world in Blake,” Savannah coach Chad Smith said. “He just kind of lacks it in himself sometimes.”

This is the first season for the Savages without former starting quarterback Clayton McGinness on the team and it has been a struggle for the team searching for a new offensive catalyst.

“(Blake) is an athlete,” Smith said. “He’s still a McGinness, he takes after his brother. He’s going to come up big.”

For the new McGinness charge it’s been an adjustment.

“It’s different for me (without Clayton, because he’s always been there for me helping me,” Blake McGinness said.

After beginning the season 1-0, Savannah has dropped three straight including a disappointing defeat last week to Lafayette.

With starting quarterback Jake Phillips under center, the Savages struck first with a bit of trickery.

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