Greg Smith moves to Pleasant Hill

PrepsKC staff

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: February 2, 2015 - 10:21 AM

There will be a new man running the Pleasant Hill football program this coming year but he is someone that Rooster fans should be familiar with.

Smithville coach Greg Smith has been hired as the new head coach taking over for Kyle Roach who stepped down after the season.

Smith takes over a program that he is very familiar with. He and Roach are longtime friends and the two programs have not only played the last few seasons but have spent time working together at the Smithville team camp.

Smith said it was a tough decision to leave Smithville but he is excited about the opportunity at Pleasant Hill.

“It’s been an amazing run here in Smithville,” Smith said. “Twelve years is a significant chunk of your life and I will always have fond memories and great feelings about Smithville, the community, the school and the football program.

“This was a unique opportunity to step in and pick up the reins from a very close friend, one of my best friends in the world Kyle Roach who has done a great job there. He did an amazing job with that football program and had a ton of success. I saw this as an opportunity to step into another great community to dive in and be a big part of it. We are really excited.”

The Roosters are coming off a tough 3-7 season but are just a year removed an undefeated regular season and a run to the Class 4 quarterfinals.

With a high level of familiarity this should be a smooth transition for Smith.

“One of the big things that attracted me to this program is I know the kids, I know the type of kid that goes to Pleasant Hill,” Smith said. “They are tough, they are hard-nosed, they work hard and they do things the right way. They are good men. I also know the assistant coaching staff there. I know what kind of job they do. They know football and they work hard as well and that was very enticing.”