Lansing pulls away to top Washington

By Sam Sherman The Leavenworth Times
Posted: October 17, 2014 - 11:14 PM

Amidst the cheers and congratulations emanating from the Lansing Lions' post-game huddle, a singular voice cried out as head coach John McCall took his place in front of the team.

"Just two more to go!"

With that, McCall began his post-game speech.

"No," McCall corrected him. "One more to go."

While the stray voice was technically correct — since the Lions have two more district games left on their schedule — McCall's reasoning was clear.

The Lions, McCall said, have to approach district games with a singular game mindset, thus, with a 45-30 win against district opponent Washington High School under their belt, the Lions' eyes should be focused on F.L. Schlagle High School.

"Our focus is Schlagle, and our short week," McCall said. "That'll be the challenge for us in this week's preparation, making sure we're getting our football team ready to play next Thursday."

Unlike most weeks during the regular season, Lansing will be playing their next game next Thursday, meaning one less day of preparation.

Which means Saturday morning for the Lions will be spent in preparation mode.

Yet, McCall made sure to leave room in his speech to urge players to momentarily bask in their victory Friday night, they'd earned it.

The Lion offense finished with 451 total yards against the Wildcats, 268 of which came on the ground.

Senior quarterback Krystian Abbott led all rushers with 103 rushing yards, yet was aided by junior running back Dewaun Wilkes who had 92 yards and two touchdowns and sophomore running back Quinton McQuillan who finished with 73 yards.

Wilkes gave a lot of credit to the offensive line whose play, he said, allowed him to make the right cuts and find the open space.

"We've had a lot of new guys step up and we've been practicing hard," Wilkes said. "It felt like we had to get our business done. I just knew I had to keep hitting the holes hard and we'd win the game."

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