Coach Profile: O'Hara's Jim DeMarea

Dion Clisso PrepsKC

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: September 8, 2010 - 6:13 PM

For Jim DeMarea O’Hara High school has always been home. From his time as a high school football player, to being a teacher to an assistant coach and eventually in 1995 he would become the head coach for the Celtics.

It’s easy to see why DeMarea loves O’Hara and the football program he coaches. O’Hara is just an extension of his family for the veteran coach who has won nearly 100 games for the school.

“It’s always been a blessing,” DeMarea said. “You go somewhere to enjoy your job and it’s never been a job. To be around great people like (former O’Hara coach) Paul Monteil and the other coaches that we’ve been around is a great opportunity.”

Year in, year out the Celtics have always fielded a competitive team and quite a few have made deep runs into the playoffs. Last season O’Hara made it all the way to the Class 3 semifinals before falling 23-7 to eventual state champion Cassville.

O’Hara’s following is legendary and DeMarea said last year was a great example how former O’Hara players and students still support their old high school.

“We had a great following last year of graduates when we made that run to the semifinals,” DeMarea said. “When you get into that opportunity you just say thank you for that job.”

One tradition that changed a few years ago is the Saturday games. O’Hara did not have lights and would always play their home games on Saturday afternoons. DeMarea said before the quality of game film became better the staff always liked the Saturday games because they could scout more games. Now that they have the lights, DeMarea said it has only enhanced the game-day experience for the Celtics and their fans.

“With the advent of DVD’s it started getting a little better quality,” DeMarea said. “That changed our opinion playing on Saturdays. And, football was made to be played on Fridays so it only makes the tradition better.”