Basehor-Linwood opens Kaw season with win

Kelsey Schriver/PrepsKC Student Intern

By Becca Ferguson PrepsKC Student Intern
Posted: September 4, 2010 - 12:26 AM

Piper looked as though it could hold their own during the first half of its season opening game Friday night. Then the Pirates offense hit a brick wall. It was named the Basehor-Linwood Bobcats as Piper fell 42-26 at Basehor.

It started with the Bobcats pounding down the field, scoring their first touchdown of the season with only four plays under their belt. At that point their passing game seemed unstoppable. To end their first series Basehor quarterback Colin Murphy hooked up with his twin brother Ryan Murphy on a 30-yard pass play to get the game started.

The Pirates then had their chance to show off their skill, but ended up fumbling only two plays into the game. Their offense is working under the new leadership of junior quarterback Beau Soucie. While he was able to stay cool under pressure the rest of his offense was unable stay calm.

“We need to work on our blocks and our reads,” says Soucie of his offense.

This became more and more evident as the game progressed. The exciting first quarter ended in a 14-14 tie.  Basehor then began to pull away, scoring just 10 seconds into the second quarter. The Bobcats completed the 2-point conversion to go up 22-14. Things started to slow down as both teams found themselves stuck at midfield until Basehor found the end zone on a two yard run late in the quarter.

Piper had two interceptions late in the first half of the game, the first of which set them up for a 3 yard touchdown pass caught by Glenn Morris. They came close to scoring with just seconds left in the half, but the clock ran out before they could get the play off. The first half ended with Basehor up 28-20.

Basehor came out after half and scored late in the third quarter. Once again the two teams were stuck between the twenties with not much excitement. This all changed as Piper scored off a well executed half back pass by Glenn Morris. Piper looked as though they might make a comeback until a touchdown by Basehor about half way through the quarter interrupted their momentum. This was followed by a Basehor interception during Piper’s next possession.

The Pirate’s Head Coach Tom Radke said, “The main focus this season will be discipline.”

Piper had three turnovers during critical moments during the game that hurt the team a lot. Also, the Pirates defense had a difficult time wrapping up to make tackles.

“We did a great job hitting,” said Radke, ”but we need to make the tackle.”

The Pirates look to show a better side in their upcoming game against the Tonganoxie Chieftains next Friday night in their first home game of the season.