Chiefs announce Coaches of the Week

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: September 26, 2014 - 11:23 PM

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced their Coach of the Week honors for the third week of the 2014 season. This week’s honors go Truman’s Gregg Webb and Turner’s Jeremy Milne.

As a result of this honor, both schools will receive a $500 grant. Additionally, Webb and Milne will be presented with congratulatory footballs autographed by Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, a special-edition Coach of the Week hat and a certificate recognizing their selection. Each coach is now a finalist for their state’s Chiefs Coach of the Year Award. The Coach of the Year award will be selected via voting on at the end of the regular season.

The 2014 High School Coach of the Week program is a joint initiative of the Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football League. This program is designed to recognize and reward Kansas City area high school coaches for superior performance on a weekly basis. The Chiefs Coach of the Week program is intended to honor individuals who are shaping today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Truman won its third straight game last week with a thrilling 31-28 win over Liberty. The Patriots have won three straight which is three times their win total from the last two seasons. Truman ended a 12-game losing streak three weeks ago and is now on a three game winning streak. Webb has won this honor before when he coached at Eudora on the Kansas side before coming to Truman last season.

Webb said winning the award is great recognition of what the program has done this season.

“It is something that recognizing a program and a win really says something about what we’ve done here,” Webb said. “I was wondering if I was ever going to win another game or win another award or anything like that. We were just trying to piece together something. I’m glad the Chiefs recognized what this program has been. I haven’t been here very long. We are just trying to get things changed a little bit. I’m glad that the kids and what they have accomplished is recognized by somebody.”

Turner is also on a three-game winning streak. The Golden Bears have already won more games than they did all of last year and last week earned a tough 13-6 win over Bishop Ward. Even with the loss of some very talented players Turner has found ways to win games and is on track for one of its best seasons in the last few years.

Milne said this group has strong senior leadership and that has been the difference this season.

“I think we just have a good group of seniors and a great group of captains that are not only leading by example, they are leading at practice and in the hallways at school,” Milne said. “Our effort and tempo has just been so much better. We haven’t had any real discipline issues so it’s just been a fun group to coach.

“I’m a little taken aback. I’m not sure I deserve it. It’s a great award and I am certainly honored but really it’s what these kids have done and what these coaches have done to get us ready to this point in time and have us 3-0.”

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