Lansing beats Ward in uneven performance

By Jason Strickland The Leavenworth Times
Posted: October 12, 2013 - 12:50 AM

The Lansing Lions may have won 35-20 against Bishop Ward on Friday, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to coach Bill Pekarek.

It was the second fewest points scored by the Lions this year, and it was against a winless team they scored 51 points on last season.

“We were hoping to be a little bit more explosive,” Pekarek said. “Throwing and running the ball. We were hoping that we’d get points up on the board real fast and maybe get everybody on the field. It seemed like we could never truly shut them down. It didn’t seem like we were comfortable. I don’t know.”

The Cyclones kept it pretty close most of the game. It was 7-6 Lansing just into the second quarter and 28-14 late in the third quarter, but junior quarterback Krystian Abbott hooked up with senior Khalil Bailey for a 67-yard score to break it open a bit.

The offense was able to run much of the fourth quarter clock out with short runs by junior Colin McQuillan, freshman Quinton McQuillan and senior Hector Porter.

Colin ran for two scores inside the 10-yard line.

Bailey was mostly held in check except for the 67-yard catch and a long punt return touchdown in the third quarter.

Bishop Ward jammed him at the line most of then night, and it kept him from getting separation.

“There were other guys that were open,” Pekarek said. “We’re just not getting the ball to them.”