Lansing flys past Basehor-Linwood

By Ian Stanford The Leavenworth Times
Posted: September 28, 2013 - 12:01 AM

Football isn't supposed to be easy. But for stretches this year, the Lansing offense has made it look that way.

And when you add the offense to a game where the defense steps up? Fuh-get-about it.

On Friday, the Lions defense pitched a shutout, the offense exploded for three fourth-quarter scores, and the Lions got a 34-8 win over Basehor-Linwood.

The blowout moves Lansing to 2-2, with the arrow pointing firmly up.

Afterwards, head coach Bill Pekarek's words were measured and coach-like. But his face was that of someone who just got off a thrilling ride -- the Abbott-Bailey Express?

“We're throwing the ball pretty well,” Pekarek said. “[Krystian] Abbott's got good touch on his passes. [Khalil] Bailey runs good routes, is flying by people, and he's making big plays.”

Bailey makes his presence felt on every play, even when the ball isn't thrown his way. In the first quarter Friday, Basehor double-teamed him, which opened the short underneath routes to tailbacks Hector Porter and Colin McQuillan.

At some point, the safety starts playing a little closer to guard the underneath stuff. That's all Bailey needs to blow by him and get open deep.

The formula hasn't faltered yet. Before play Friday, Bailey led all receivers in the Kansas City-metro area in receiving yards with 504. Abbott was third in the metro in passing yards.

Abbott added to those numbers with 255 yards on 14-21 passing, three touchdowns, and one interception (which was returned for Basehor's only score).

Bailey finished with four catches for 135 yards and two touchdowns.

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