BV West comes up short against Miege

Steve Smith/PrepsKC

By Cole Young PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: November 11, 2012 - 10:34 AM

In a game that featured enough ups and downs to cause one’s stomach to feel queasy, it was Bishop Miege that that felt the final burst of jubilation on Friday night and left Blue Valley West wanting to throw up.
Miege held off the Jaguars 38-37 in double overtime in the Kansas Class 5A quarterfinal. 
After scoring on their possession of double overtime, the Stags held off a two-point conversion attempt by Blue Valley West to advance to the semifinals against St. Thomas Aquinas.
To wrap Friday night’s contest into a package that neatly though wouldn’t do justice to a game that was one of the most exciting in the metro area this season.
The point-after attempt by Blue Valley West alone provided plenty of drama. Initially the Jaguars lined up to kick an extra point. Miege would jump offsides on the attempt however, placing the ball inside the 2-yard line. That’s when West head coach Scott Wright opted to go for the game-winning conversion. Again, the Stags jumped offsides, then putting the ball inside a yard from the end zone.
With the game coming down to the two-point conversion, officials ruled Blue Valley West quarterback Ryan Ralston had his momentum stopped before he could reach the end zone. When the pile unfolded Ralston was inside the end zone but officials stood by their initial call.
“I don’t know what happened at the end, but it looked like our guy was laying in the end zone,” Wright said. “It’s high school football though. Coaches make mistakes, kids make mistakes and refs make mistakes. Regardless, that shouldn’t take away from a great game Miege played.”
Midway through the fourth, it looked like the game had little chance of heading to overtime.
The Stags took an eventual 24-10 lead behind a field goal and fake field goal behind a pair of Blue Valley West turnovers.
Miege wing John Fisher ran towards the sidelines as if he was not supposed to be on the field before cutting up field when the ball was snapped. Holder Jeffrey Martin connected with a wide open Fisher for a nine-yard score.
“That’s a play we put in this week,” Bishop Miege coach Jon Holmes said. “(Fisher) was just the guy to do it with too. He’s got a few screws loose so he was the perfect guy to do it with.”
While Martin threw that touchdown, Miege quarterback Montell Cozart tossed three touchdowns and ran for another in the victory. He finished with 283 yards through the air.
Leading 24-10, the Stags quickly saw its lead evaporate as Blue Valley West scored twice in the final under five minutes both on touchdown passes from Ralston to Spencer Johannesman for 31 and 34 yards.
Both teams would score quickly in the first overtime, the Jaguars on a run from Conley Wilkins and a pass from Cozart to Yale VanDyne for Miege.
Even after the lead evaporated, Cozart and the Stags were able to call on some close games earlier in the season.
“Four games in a row we lost close games,” Holmes said. “Having that experience of being in some tight games really helped us tonight.”
The victory sets up a rematch with Aquinas. In week No. 9, the Saints picked up a 27-24 victory at Miege.
“(Aquinas) stands between us and our goal,” Cozart said. “They’re the next one we have to get through.”