Park Hill South powers past Oak Park

By Joe Caronia PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: October 25, 2012 - 8:48 PM

Park Hill South had its way with Oak Park. The final score was 56-8. The district first round win by the Panthers means that their season will continue against Kearney on Oct. 31.
Park Hill South totally controlled the first half of action by starting five of their first seven drives in Northmen territory. Panthers Head Coach Mark Simcox talked with great pride about his stingy defense.
“With the wind blowing like it is, we knew how important defense and field position was going to be,” Simcox said. “I just wanted them to stay focused.”
The Panthers first score of the game was a 2-yard run by Myles Hammonds. Jacob Sneden kicked the PAT to make the score 7-0.
The Panthers defense held the Northmen for a three and out and three minutes later, Panthers running back Ronnie Bertelsmeyer scored on a 2-yard run of his own. Sneden was good, and it was 14-0.
The Panthers defense held serve again not allowing a first down. Then on offense Hammonds found the end zone for a second time with a thirty 3-yard run. Sneden was true again. 21-0.
The defense was strong again holding the Northmen again without a first down. Hammonds found pay dirt for the third time, this run was from 31-yards. Sneden converted, 28-0.
Late in the second quarterback Shafer Schuetz threw a perfect pass to Nick Griffith for a 62-yard scoring play. Sneden was good, 35-0.
In the third quarter the Panthers ran a reverse and Craig Scott rambled 17-yards for a touchdown. Sneden made the kick, 42-0.
At the beginning of the fourth quarter Panthers running back Corey Land crossed the goal line from 16-yards out. Sneden converted and it was 49-0.
The Northmen got on the board when Joe Anderson scored on 25-yard reverse. Then Northmen quarterback Myles Eubanks rolled to his left and kept the ball for a two point conversion. This made the score 49-8.
The scoring concluded when Panthers running back Collin Farrow scored on a 2-yard dive, and Sneden finished the scoring making the final 56-8.
When Simcox was asked about Kearney in the next round he said, “They are a good team and they are used to winning. It’s going to be tough.”