Teams learn at LS West Jamboree

Dion Clisso/PrepsKC

By Brian Spano PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: August 24, 2012 - 6:55 AM

It may not count, but the day, the weather, the lights, the crowd and the hitting all signaled that high school football is back. Call it the calm before the storm.
Lee’s Summit West hosted one of several jamborees throughout the Kansas City area on the Missouri side Friday night. Blue Springs, Grandview and Raytown South were the other three teams in attendance to scrape off some of the rust from a year ago and show off their wares during the controlled scrimmage.
While the main goal was to come away unscathed and hopefully be healthy for the opening week of the season, coaches from all four teams each had differing views of what they wanted their team to get out of the night.
“I think the big thing we’re looking for is getting under the lights,” Blue Springs head coach Kelly Donohoe said. “Feeling that game feel so when it counts next Friday night, it doesn’t seem strange. It’s like, okay, we’ve done this already. Everything we’ve done today from pregame meal to getting on the busses to how we approach to how we dress for the game, we wanted it to feel like a real game, just getting into the routine.”
West head coach Royce Boehm also took advantage of the Jamboree to put his team through what a regular season game routine would be like.
“I love jamborees because we get to work on our pregame,” he said. “We get to work on our meal. We get to work on our quiet time. It’s the routine before it actually starts. That’s why I chewed them out tonight because there were a lot of things we didn’t do right. It preps us for game situation and gets us moving towards what we need to do next Saturday.”
Raytown South coach David Allie took a little different approach with his team. His Cardinals drop from Class 5 to Class 4 this year, so he comes in with a solid team that could possible make some noise in the lower class.
“We talked about first of all, have fun,” he said. “Football is a fun game, and for the last two weeks beating on each other, it’s been really hot, and two-a-days is the most fun thing, so the first thing we want to do out here is have fun. Then, we want to compete. We’re also competing on the depth chart. We saw some kids rise up on the depth chart tonight, and on the flip side some go down.”
Cardinals quarterback Deallon Walton found it beneficial to go up against three other teams to break the monotony of playing his own team for the past two weeks.
“It means a lot to see what we can do and what we can improve on,” he said. “We learn how to read other defenses because we’re used to playing ourselves so much. It was good to Lee’s Summit West, Blue Springs and Grandview.”
Finally, Grandview coach Andy Leech utilizes the jamborees for evaluating the depth of his roster.
“What we’re looking for in the jamboree is the one-on-one matchups,” Leech said. “We run a lot of our zone play where it’s you versus that guy, and we want to see who’s tough under pressure and who can handle the DI they’re against. It’s not scheme. It’s not trying to win. It’s player evaluation.”
With the dress rehearsal complete, coaches have gathered information, will watch film and make the necessary adjustments.
Now the real preparation and game planning begin as in just one week the high school football season kicks off in earnest on the Missouri side.